Get Approval: AQMS Training Course - PROBITAS Authentication
For Standards: AS9100, AS9110, AS9120

Get Approval: AQMS Training Course

The overall purpose of certifying training course content is to verify that minimum body of knowledge requirements are met and training provider administration practices to support the approved courses are developed, implemented, maintained, and documented in accordance with the AS9104-3 certification scheme requirements.

Probitas Authentication has a responsibility to ensure that only those courses containing the certification scheme's body of knowledge requirements and the training provider's effective administration of these courses are awarded certification.

The following documents are available for review to assist the training provider in identifying the requirements for its AQMS course(s). These requirements are located in the training provider resources tab and consist of the following documents:

If you would like to begin the application process for AQMS course approval, please contact Probitas Authentication by email at or call customer service at 724-772-7545.

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