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For Standards: AS9100, AS9110, AS9120

Get Approval: AQMS Training Provider

AQMS training providers can begin the process to become a Probitas Authentication recognized training provider by reviewing the AQMS Training Provider Approval Requirements from the Resources tab in this section of this website. You will then create an account for your company, including a primary contact person. You can then download and complete the AQMS Training Provider Application. Once completed, you will submit your application along with the supporting documentation. Once we receive all documents, Probitas Authentication will invoice your company for the application review. The approval process includes a formal review of your application, supporting documents, and other relevant information. In addition, we will conduct an office audit of your administrative practices. If you meet the certification scheme criteria, Probitas Authentication will make a recommendation to the AAQG Registration Management Committee (RMC) for your recognition as a training provider. You will then be listed in the OASIS as an approved and IAQG recognized AQMS Training Provider. Probitas Authentication will then conduct a classroom observation as part of the final approval process.

Probitas Authentication evaluates each AQMS training provider application against the scheme requirements outlined in AS9104/3. Based on this review, Probitas Authentication takes the following actions:

  • If the evaluation result is acceptable to Probitas Authentication, the training provider's application and supporting information will be submitted to the AAQG RMC for recognition.
  • Probitas Authentication will then contact the training provider applicant to coordinate an office audit of the training provider's administrative procedures.
  • Upon notification of approval, Probitas Authentication uploads the appropriate training provider information data into the OASIS database and notifies the AQMS training provider of their approved status.
  • If a training provider's application is rejected, Probitas Authentication will notify the training provider applicant of the decision.

Quality Management System (QMS) Requirements The training provider must operate a QMS which is documented and covers all the requirements of the AS9104-3 standard and ensures the effective application of those requirements. A documented QMS based on ISO 9001 which addresses the requirements of AS9104-3 would be one method of satisfying this requirement.

Administrative Procedures Requirements In addition, the training provider must develop, implement, and maintain documented procedures for the effective administration of their course(s). These procedures shall also include documented procedures for:

  • Records
  • Management Review
  • Certificates
  • Complaints and Appeals
  • Subcontracting of Courses
  • Confidentiality
  • Changes
  • Variations

The following reference documents can be found in training provider resources:

If you would like to begin the application process to become a recognized IAQG training provider, please contact Probitas Authentication by email at or call customer service at 724-772-7545.

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