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For Standards: AS9100, AS9110, AS9120
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Yes. IAQG approved Auditor authentication bodies are identified on the OASIS under Auditor Authentication Bodies (AAB).
Probitas Authentication is an IAQG recognized Auditor Authentication Body (AAB) and Training Provider Approval Body (TPAB). Probitas Authentication operates as an Industry Program under the aegis of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia, a SAE International Affiliate organization. Probitas Authentication provides the service of certifying or approving persons (i.e., auditors) against specific certification scheme requirements (i.e. AQMS auditors- AS9104/3). In addition, Probitas Authentication provides the service of conducting the review and approval of training course content and training provider administration against the specific sector requirements (i.e. training courses for AQMS auditors-AS9104/3).
Auditors can begin the process by creating a personal account on the Auditor Authentication Body home page. You will then need to complete the online application and provide the supporting documentation. Once you agree to the declaration statements, make payment, and submit your application Probitas Authentication will be the authentication process. The authentication process includes a formal review of your application, supporting documents, and other relevant information. If you meet the certification scheme criteria, Probitas Authentication will make a recommendation to the AAQG Registration Management Committee (RMC) for your recognition as an AQMS Auditor. You will then be assigned an OASIS auditor number.
You may download the AQMS Auditor Application User Guide for this information, or you may find it in the aerospace standard AS9104/3.
AQMS auditors are required to re-authenticate (re-certify) every 3 years. The AQMS Auditor Application User Guide contains the certification scheme requirements for re-authentication.
Probitas Authentication has established the following fee structure:
New AQMS Auditor Certification $535 At submission of application
Annual Maintenance of Certification $270 End of years 1 and 2
Re-Authentication (re-certification) $270 End of year 3
Existing Oasis Members, through other AAB $270 Fee for re-authentication with Probitas Authentication
Auditor Grade Expansion $510 At the time of application for upgrade
Certification scheme refers to the aerospace standard that you are seeking authentication for. The auditor authentication requirements for each auditor category (scheme) are described in the AQMS Auditor Application User Guide Tables 1-9 and includes the qualification criteria specific to each particular AQMS standard. Auditors are found competent independently in each category and can only conduct audits to the identified standard (e.g., AEA AS9100 auditors cannot perform audits to AS9110 and 9120). However, auditors can be recognized for more than one category.
Auditor grade refers to whether or not the individual meets aerospace industry work experience requirements. The certification scheme requirements allows for the certification to Aerospace Auditor (AA) and Aerospace Experienced Auditor (AEA). These auditor grades can be defined as:
  • Aerospace Auditor (AA) recognizes the individual has met the requirements to participate in an Aerospace Audit to the qualified scheme as part of an audit team and under the guidance of an Aerospace Experienced Auditor.
  • Aerospace Experience Auditor (AEA) recognizes the individual has met the requirements to lead an Aerospace Audit to the qualified scheme as the lead auditor.
You will be able to identify where your application is by logging into your personal account. Your status is automatically updated and includes the following:
Work in Progress This indicates that you are still in the process of completing your application. This will change to Probitas Initial Review after you complete your application, agree to the Declaration Statements, make payment, and submit your application.
Request for Additional Information This indicates that additional information is being requested. Please submit the requested information. If additional information is requested, you will also receive an email with the request.
Probitas Initial Review This indicates that you have successfully submitted your application and the formal authentication process is occurring.
RMC Review This indicates that your application has been submitted to the AAQG RMC for recognition.
Probitas Final Review This indicates that your application is in final review and a decision will be made shortly.
Yes, you have 1 other opportunity to re-apply without being required to submit another application fee.
Yes, you may file a formal appeal to this decision. For information related to the Appeals process, please review Appeals in the Resources tab or click on this link: Appeals Process

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